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Mold Inspections

Platinum Environmental Solutions offers comprehensive mold inspection services conducted by out certified experts. Our team strives to provide prompt service, typically inspecting properties and collecting samples within 2 business days of receiving request. The extent of the inspection and the number of samples gathered adhere to stringent state and federal regulations, tailored to the specific purpose of the inspection and the nature of the suspected mold presence. 

Samples collected during our mold inspection are meticulously handled and sent to accredited commercial laboratories. These laboratories are certified by industry standards such as NVLAP for analysis using advanced techniques like Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and direct microscopy. Our Approach ensures accurate identification of mold species and their concentration levels, empowering our clients with actionable insights for effective remediation strategies. 

Per Renovation service icon

Per Renovation

Our Inspection identify containing materials that may become unsafe during renovations or demolition.

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Pre Demolition

Mold inspection by a state certified consultant are often required to satisfy permitting requirements.

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Commercial Building

Our inspectors are trained to identify mold containing materials and gather samples safely.


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